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CBBR has been in existence for 20 years! While part of our mission is to “rescue, rehabilitate and rehome” bully breed dogs, we are committed to a bigger mission – adopting out true breed ambassadors to the public. With all the negative publicity that we see in the media, we are looking to flood society with great dogs who are owned by responsible owners!

While you look through our site you may see a small amount of dogs available for adoption. There may be more dogs in the rescue but they aren’t quite ready for adoption. The available dogs have been thoroughly evaluated at the time of initial intake and throughout the foster period.  Foster periods last for a minimum of 30 days, during which time each dog works on obedience skills, social skills, house manners, and bonding with his or her foster humans.  Being in a foster home helps a dog transition into their new home much easier.

 We will also help you work with your dog after you adopt him or her. You will receive a lifetime of advice and help from CBBR for you and your pit bull!  

Considerations before adopting a bully breed
Adopting a bully breed is a very important decision that should not be made spontaneously or taken lightly. CBBR strives to adopt our bullies into FOREVER homes…not into homes where the owners may feel it is no longer convenient to have the dog. There are many things to consider before adopting:
  • What is your level of commitment? Sit down and REALLY think about this!!
  • How much time do you have to devote to the daily chores of your new dog?
  • How much time do you have to devote to the training of your new dog?
  • How much time do you have to devote to exercising your new dog?
  • Do you understand why crate training is important with your new dog? If not, how much do you like your couch? New rug? Collectibles? Are they replaceable?
  • Are you willing to forego going to the hottest club/concert/restaurant (or coming home early) because your dog is sick?
  • Are you prepared to be discriminated against and possibly shunned?
  • Are you prepared for friends and relatives all of a sudden being “too busy” to come over to your house?
  • Are you prepared for taking extra precautions with your new dog? No tying him up outside the local coffeehouse while you run in, not leaving him unattended outside your home, learning about the breed, its history and the current events surrounding bully breeds.
  • Are you prepared to have people say, “A PITBULL?? Aren’t you afraid of them TURNING on you??” and you be able to give them current statistics and facts about the breed?
Before You Decide To Adopt (or complete an application)

There are many things to consider before adopting (or attempting to adopt) a bully breed. With the threat of breed specific legislation (BSL) and the public shyness towards the breed, you must arm yourself with knowledge. Ignorance has bred BSL…only education can euthanize it!!

Before you go any further, assess your situation:

  • Do you live alone? Chances are you do not (or if you do, you may not forever). Is everyone in the house ready for a bully breed?
  • Local Ordinances – Call your local police department/animal control/village hall and ask them what the laws and ordinances are related specifically to bully breeds.
  • Landlords and Homeowners Associations – Ask them what the animal rules are and if any relate specifically to bully breeds. You must ask them if you can have an American Pit Bull Terrier! We do require a signed statement from landlords or HOA that a bully breed is allowed.
  • Support Network – Who will help your bully breed if you are sick, have to go out of town or if an emergency comes up? Don’t assume anything!!! Ask your friends and family members who will help, check into local boarding facilities or vets to see if they will even board bullies…you would be amazed at how many “NO’s” you get!
  • Travel – Do you travel for work or many vacations? Look into who will help take care of your bully breed or where you can board the dog. We can always offer suggestions for boarding facilities but they can be cost prohibitive.
  • Moving Soon – You may want to wait until after your move. Amazing how many places won’t allow bullies…ask before you give a deposit or sign anything!